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Is this a restructure loan scam?
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3/7/2011 8:59 PM (PST)

We are being contacted by Avid Law Center about a restructuring loan. The company states that our contract with our mortgage compay is illegal. The law firm tells you that they will contact the mortgage lender and when threatened with a law suit, they will gladly restructure our loan to avoid a law suit and or penelties. They want about $3500. up front in two payments, and then a continual payment of $350. monthly until settled. Has any one had any dealing with the restructure loan under the Attorney Aaron? Looking forward to any response you can give us. We are being pressured to talk to this attorney and give our banking information so they can collect payments due. Please respond...

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3/8/2011 12:52 PM (PST)

Quick response: don't do it. Please check the Scams link in the top menu bar and our Facebook page to get information about loan modification issues.

By the way, never give anybody, even your mother, access to your bank account.

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