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what is the rating for La Fitness?
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8/31/2010 9:25 PM (PST)

I went on this site to write a review about how when I cancelled a contact with La Fitness, they kept deducting $$$ out of my bank account for years!

When I got on the site, I noticed there were many many others with the same complaint.

Why then does La Fitness have a A rating from the BBB TrustLink site? The BBB sucks!

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9/1/2010 8:19 AM (PST)


Some quick info on BBB ratings in general since you asked: the rating a Better Business Bureau assigns a company is determined by a scoring algorithm that includes such elements as its type of business, length of time in business, compliance with competency licensing requirements, complaint volume, complaint history, seriousness of complaints, complaint response behavior, whether or not the business has committed to our standards, and our experience with the industry that the business is in (some are more problematic than others). Complaint generation risk and companies' resolution behaviors have been tracked and scored by BBBs across the nation for the past one hundred years.

In the case of La Fitness, they have an extremely large consumer base therefore the complaint/consumer ratio is not considered significant for this company compared to a small gym service. Our perspective and methods still stand the test of time and are an important and valid tool and benchmark for both consumers and businesses for evaluating marketplace interactions.

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10/22/2010 8:37 PM (PST)

I just had to share my cancellation story after reading these reviews. I noticed my agreement showed I had to mail in a letter 30 before my next billing cycle, I signed up years ago so I checked with my local club, since I've moved. This is what was explained. I can write my own letter like the agreement states, however they have pre-generated forms to mail also. Mailing it in a re-addressed envelope is important as the post office doesn't always sort a folded piece of paper with care, it may be delivered damaged and illegible. I was told if I mail their form and if the form was generated before the billing date and mailed(postmarked) within the next 7 days, they will automatically refund me my dues if I were billed again. They said it typically takes 7-10 days before a billing to make sure the charge isn't intiated. I was told to expect an email in 7 to 10 days, if I don't get the email call my local club, as they tend to be sent to spam boxes and it can be addressed right away. I expressed my concern for the process, but I was assured as long as I watch for my email and call if I don't get it there won't be any issues, the email would confirm the final billing date including any refund and expiration date. I didn't ask much about writing my own letter since I was at my local club. Here's how it went... I picked up the form on the 12th, I get billed on the 15th. I mailed it the same day. I received an email on the 20th confirming they got my request stating my payment on the 15th is being returned. 3 days later, my payment was back in my account. If you are canceling, do what I did. Ask questions, get the facts and what to do if their procedure doesn't work. I would get the form, there's no way they can mess that up, it printed from their system. If all else fails, the postal service can give you certified receipts when you mail your request. Good luck to all of you. My cancellation was a success!

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2/11/2011 10:26 AM (PST)

yes this is a bab company too many complain why A+ .For me it a F-.They trap every body to a trap agreement with person training

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