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timeshare companies promising to get rid of timeshares
Category: Scams
Tags: Timeshare Resale, timeshares
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2/28/2011 10:37 AM (PST)

Timeshares and their promise to get rid of your timeshare:

has anybody ever used one of those companies, paid their fee and is actually free of any obligations with their timeshare? Have you confirmed that the deed is off your name?

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3/3/2011 5:30 AM (PST)

There are both and bad reports about these types of companies. Some have been reported to take the money, but never complete the transfer. The larger ones such as the Timeshare Relief companies do seem to transfer the ownership out of the consumers name. However, in both cases- it is likely you will spend between $2,500 to $4,000 to "give away" your timeshare. If this is your last resort, I'd stick with a relief company that has been operating for at least several years. Always look at all your options before paying any type of upfront fee to liquidate a timeshare. Progressive Real Estate Agency is a licensed broker offering a liquidation program for a broker fee of $695. due only at closing ( There are several timeshare message boards that allow you to post your timeshare as a freebie, to try and find someone willing to take it. Plus, always check with family, friends, and coworkers to see if anyone you know wants the timeshare. Sometimes, your own personal circle is the most effective. The one thing to remember is to always try to use an independent third party closing company to do the transfer (you are paying so you should have the right to choose) who will hold escrow until the transfer is completed.

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5/2/2014 8:55 AM (PST)

Many new timeshare cancellations companies have appeared online recently claiming to assist clients who have become victims of timeshare scam to cancel their timeshare contracts and recover their money from timeshare fraud. These new companies claim that they can help to provide timeshare relief, cancel or divorce you from your timeshare or even donate the timeshare to a worthy cause. Many of the timeshare cancellation companies have very vague statements about how their fees are charged. Some claim to have a money back guarantee, which implies that an upfront fee is required:

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