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Snack America
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11/23/2009 10:03 AM (PST)

I guess the Snack America dream has turned into a
nightmare according the the Florida BBB and the FBI.
Man in California trying to organize legal action.
His name is Rich (916) 412-7361. Anyone have anything
else to add. Thanks

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11/24/2009 10:57 AM (PST)

Hi Rick, I also got screwed. I filed a complaint with the Browartd County Sheriffs Dept. You need a police report to get Bank of America to do anything because I think that if someone drained thew account, there has to be a name, account Number, wire transfer number, maybe even a picture. I will call to support th eeffort.

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11/25/2009 4:30 PM (PST)

I too made an investment with this company, only to find this site later. I am suppose to start training Monday, Nov. 30th and so I will see what happens. I do however find it quite strange that the office number goes straight to voicemail asking you to call John Santoro. Also, I am finding that John and Mike Walsh's cellphones go straight to voicemail without an option to leave a voicemail because they are full. I was suppose to be training Monday with a guy by the name of Jeff...I'm thinking its the same Jeff everyone else is talking about. I tried leaving a voicemail for Bill Maxwell, a supposed distributor in NY, and have not received a call back. Things seem a little odd to me, so I must say...I lost my faith in them. I also think its off that Steve M. and Erik T. have not really elaborated on their experience with Snack America. Knowing that the company reputation is on the line...If I were a representative of the company I would do anything in my power to defend them, unless they are in on what appears to be a scam to me as well at this point. I will keep the group posted on whether they come through Monday or not...Till then, I'm thinking its a little scandalous.

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