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The playable build starts off at Fractured
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7/19/2023 2:55 AM (PST)

"When you look at what pop culture is like in the industry, you have Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy," said Rod Fergusson, general manager for Diablo. "These are very dark topics and dark themes that are mainstream. We felt like this was an opportunity to kind of embrace Diablo's roots and bring it to the forefront and make it mainstream as well." Leading this darker tone is the main antagonist, Lilith. She's the daughter of Mephisto, one of the Great Evils, and is called the Mother of Sanctuary, the world in which the Diablo series takes place. Unlike previous games where there was a slow buildup to the big boss behind all the evil in the world, Blizzard put Lilith up front from the very first cutscene. The playable build starts off at Fractured Peaks with my hero's horse being killed leaving him in a cave by himself for the night. From the caves came the first stop, Nevesk, a very small town where things aren't what they seem. Lilith already had an impact on the few people here, and her true power comes from having people indulge their dark side. This was the first interaction my character had with other NPCs, and it was pretty clear how the developers wanted to give the hero more of a part within the story by having their own dialogue and playing a part in the cutscenes. It's in the town of Nevesk where Lilith's effect on the people of Sanctuary is shown. There's far more to her than just being evil, which sets her as an interesting antagonist when compared with the other Great Evils from previous Diablo titles. While her ultimate plan isn't apparent early on, Lilith's presence is immediately felt and was done deliberately so by the Diablo 4 is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and Diablo 4 gold is especially important in this game. will provide you with more guidance and strategies. There is also a premium Diablo 4 Gold service.

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10/11/2023 3:35 AM (PST)

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