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  • We have been using them on and off for the last few years. Moved into a new house and now we signed up for regular cleanings. They do great work an... Read More »
  • I would like to express my gratitude to My Notary Solutions! It will be very difficult without their selfless service. Highly recommended! Read More »
  • Prompt service. EMJ TOWING & RECOVERY was phenomenal! Got my car home safe and sound! Excellent value! Read More »
  • Great car and awesome tour scanner on inside of drivers side window and plays info and directions through car speakers. Read More »
  • I highly recommend A&J Simply Electric LLC for the professional service their guys provided us at my house. Read More »
  • She was very helpful and knowledgeable. She was always available to help. She is very friendly and always smiling. Highly recommend her service. Read More »
  • JLS Automation is a leading food packaging automation industry with focus on case packers and robotic case packing systems. Our dedicated team put... Read More »
  • Ubaldino Tree Service crew did an excellent job on our giant willow oak, 80 feet high. They came on time and worked efficiently, cleaning up when t... Read More »
  • He helped us purchase our home and it was a great experience working with him. He's knowledgeable and super responsive and we highly recommend him. Read More »
  • These are great and reliable folks. I often need delivery service between my boss and I, especially during these times. These people are wonderful! Read More »
  • Doreen is such a detail oriented agent! She did an incredible job during our recent move. From finding the home to everything that goes along with... Read More »
  • Let me tell you how amazing the space is, how receptive the crowd is to questions/jokes, and how diverse the comedic talent is! Read More »
  • Many thanks for always being so helpful and proactive. Your support is very invaluable. Read More »
  • Tanya Adorable Cleaning is wonderful! They do fantastic work and are so pleasant to be around! I recommend Tanya Adorable Cleaning to anyone who ne... Read More »
  • Arrived within the time scheduled. Very thorough job done. Clean up after work. Professional and reasonable price. Will hire again for sure! Read More »
  • The service was quick and the delivery driver was friendly. The delivery fee was worth the convenience. This was my fifth time using this company a... Read More »
  • They are professional and very patient, as together, we continued to change and tweak the plans until we were completely satisfied with the layout... Read More »
  • Really impressed with AMO Concrete Pros. They are exceptionally responsive and attentive, not to mention professional. If only all contractors were... Read More »
  • Janna is such a detail oriented agent! She did an incredible job during our recent move. From finding the home to everything that goes along with r... Read More »
  • Good professional service. Short Notice Painting team did a fantastic job. Read More »
  • The team is dedicated to ensuring clients are satisfied and displayed professionalism. Highly recommended! Read More »
  • I came in with stomach issues and it took 2 days for a Dr. Mathur to see me he tells me one thing and the nurses tell me something totally differen... Read More »
  • I recommend ClaimTek and its wonderful support staff to anyone looking to make a big change in their financial future. And start an exciting career... Read More »
  • Justin from Total Body Experts went above and beyond in helping me find the right bike at the BEST price! Their repair center was just as fantastic... Read More »
  • Westlake Finance has been a nightmare to deal with for OVER one month now. The repoed my car for non-payment.. which I knew was not true. I have NE... Read More »
  • Marc Neal and Advantage Gold gave me an education before trying to sell anything. I took at least three years to decide. However, making friends an... Read More »
  • This is our first time with this company, it was a very good experience dealing with Travis and his team. They were very knowledgeable and helpful... Read More »
  • Clear Path Lending are top in the financial realm for home investments! I have refinanced my home with a VA mortgage and Clear Path handled the pap... Read More »
  • Hat's off to Joe Cautino and his staff. They gave us excellent service. My special thanks to Neeta Nathoo who is the Senior Loan Processor at Clea... Read More »
  • Very good experience with the staff at Clear Path Lending. Read More »
  • The team they sent over was great! I was really impressed with their attention to details, like unscrewing my decorative drawer knobs and screwing... Read More »
  • I had no knowledge of buying metals. With the current state our country is in I started to feel like I wanted something substantial in my portfoli... Read More »
  • My parents were hospitalized with Covid-19 on January 1st, my step father died on the 8th and my mother remained hospitalized until 3 February. Try... Read More »
  • I have never bought physical precious metals before because I did not see the need to leave a legacy . In today's environment the need to have some... Read More »
  • Selvi-Vidovich LP does not follow ethical or civil guidelines in order to stay in business legally in California. For example, the company lists it... Read More »
  • i have refinanced my home with Clearpath Lendind a few times now. And each time my representaive Queenie has been great to work with. I highly reco... Read More »
  • We had to refinance our home and decided to use ClearPath Lending, they made the switch from our other creditor easy and painless. I appreciate the... Read More »
  • I refinanced with them and it was so easy. They made the process convenient and great. It took 2 weeks and was informed on every step or any delays... Read More »
  • This was the best and most professional refinance I have ever closed on. Read More »
  • Sheila spoke to me at length during my interview with MQI. We spoke for an hour and a half. She's beautiful and extremely personable. She was not h... Read More »
  • This fledgling company is operating like the greasy underground entity it is under the exterior of a shiny clean website. They tow from unmarked a... Read More »
  • I have sent 3 messages trying to get status on a dress ordered several weeks ago and have yet to get a response, not feeling confident we will ever... Read More »
  • Unsatisfied customer here. My case is not different from those negative comments left here. The same MO, initial repair estimated low online, they... Read More »
  • I would not recommend this contractor. The general contractor is a liar, a thief and a fraud. He has made a practice of taking huge down payments f... Read More »
  • As a property owner, I wanted to thank Seabreeze Management for everything they have done for me in the past few years. They do business with integ... Read More »
  • I Had my first appointment to get my crown, and everything went smooth. It was the second appointment that was the trouble. I was scheduled for an... Read More »
  • This place is ALWAYS HORRIBLY OVERCROWDED, You pay for an all access pass and they don’t bother telling you that you may not be able to get on cert... Read More »
  • Andy Itule has worked with his family as senior management at Willie Itule Produce for over 20 years. He takes real ownership of the quality of the... Read More »
  • Jana Ann Couture is a dishonest company that posts fake reviews around the internet in an attempt to build a good reputation on lies. See their rev... Read More »
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