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Complaint Posted 9/17/2007
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Review 9/17/2007
The people at VIVA MOTORSPORTS are unprofessional, lack ethical values, and have poor customer service. I extremely recommend NOT doing business with this organization. These people sell defective products, use deceptive tactics, and conduct unethical treatment to innocent paying customers. Here is my story.

I Bought motor scooter off eBay from Billy Oneill out in New Jersey. May 10th

I Received the scooter from the freight truck(Last week of May)

First week of June. I Assembled the scooter and discovered that it did not start. I Investigated the problem and concluded it was beyond my capability. Called Billly Oneil and he suggested to take it into the repair shop.

First week of June( called Viva motorsports the manufacturer and first met Jordan and spoke to her of the problem. She looked for my transaction in her system that I had made with Oneill and She told me of a place called supersonic scooters that I could take my scooter to. She told me that the labor and parts would be covered under warranty. Since I just got my scooter brand new and haven’t ridden it. I looked on Viva ‘s website and their warranty policy states that:
The warranty on the scooter is for 3 months where on the first month you will have a full warranty including Shipping, parts and labor. After one month of full warranty you’ll have two months of partial warranty where you will ship the scooter to us on your expense, and we will fix it and send it back to you. After 3 months of warranty are over we will accept the scooter and fix it in necessary and you will pay for the parts and shipping.( http://www.vivamotorsports.com/)

Clearly this was the first month that I have had this scooter at the discovery of the problem.

I called supersonic scooters and talked with Sam West about my scooter problem and mentioned that I had a VIVA MOTORSPORTS 50CC scooter. He says that he works on those types of scooters and that I could bring it in for him to work on it (Second week of June)

A few weeks later I Called Sam West wondering about a status update and when my scooter would be done. He told me he felt guilty for not calling me back sooner and that he put about 8 hours of work and discovered an electrical problem and doesn’t know the reason. I said for him to continue to work and put everything in writing since Jordan mentioned everything is under warranty( July 25)

I Called supersonic scooter the next day and spoke with mathieu. He said that Today is Sam West day off. I replied by mentioning to pass on my appreciation for taking care of me.Mathieu told me he would pass it on to Sam West and that VIVA motorsports declared bankruptcy(july 26)

Afterwards, I Called back VIVA MOTORSPORTS and was put on hold for 10 minutes. I finally spoke with Jordan and got a her phone to be 1-323-588-2000. I asked her about my warranty and about VIVA MOTORSPORTS declaring Bankruptcy. And she said that we did declare Bankruptcy a while ago, but we just opened up under a new name. Your repairs are still covered under the warranty for parts and labor. I mentioned about my concern with the repair cost mounting greater than the scooter is worth. And she said that she would call Sam West and see what the problem is and how VIVA MOTORSPORTS could help.( July 26)

The Next day I Called Super Sonic Scooters and spoke with Matheiu. He said that Sam west is out on a parts run and I said that I will call back. I mentioned that I called VIVA MOTORSPORTS and Jordan was the point of contact. He Acknowledged and he told me an estimate for the scooter repairs of about $250(July 27)

After that I called and was put on hold for 10-15 minutes and finally spoke with Jordan. She told me that after contacting supersonic scooters that it would cost about $220 to $250 dollars and that she was told that after contacting Supersonic Scooters and that the scooter will be done by 1500lcl this Friday and if not, by Monday.; (July 27)

The Next day I Called supersonic scooters and spoke with Brian whom acknowledged that he got a phone call from Jordan and he was shocked to hear that VIVA MOTORSPORTS was out of bankruptcy and that yes indeed my repairs are covered under warranty . Brian said Sam West is off and will be back Monday or Tuesday. (July 28)

A few days later, I called Supersonic Scooters find out when I could drop by for pickup. I spoke with Sam West and he told me that he has one last thing to do before he pulls his hair out with the electrical system. He said that he would call me back tomorrow to let me know what time to pick it up. I mentioned that if it is a lemon scooter then I would take it up with VIVA.(July 31)

The Next day I called and talked with Sam West and he said that he has it all done. And that He will put what he did in a writing narrative. He said the problem yesterday was the voltage regulator. The final cost was on the invoice and it said(August 1) :

1 BATTERY $18.00
TAX $19.16
TOTAL $303.01

The next Day before coming into work when I had free time I Called supersonic scooter and the person who works with Sam west said the scooter is ready and waiting for you and that I can pick it up at 1400lcl (august 2) I told Sam west to put everything in writing so that I could make a copy to send to VIVA motorsports with Jordan. I had my dad with his Red Truck help me pick up my scooter and we brought it home. This is what SAM WEST wrote:


The Next day I Spoke with Jordan after being put on hold for 20 minutes. She told me The fax number is 3235882211 and put your name number and her name so that all the paperwork can be sent through. (Aug 3)

I Called back VIVA MOTORSPORTS and after being on hold for 20 minutes finally spoke to SUZANA and was told that Jordan was not in today. I said that fine I Will call back tomorrow and asked if Jordan received the faxes that I had sent. Suzana checked the fax machine and said it was not sent in a legible manner. ( August 6)

The next day, I did my second attempt to fax my receipt to Jordan. And success it went through according to the fax email response. I called and talked with Jordan and she only got the first page and that the last two pages were blank. I said ok. I will just go ahead and mail copies to you with UPS.I took my scanner and Printed off copies of receipt invoice and summary of the motor scooter. I typed up a word doc requested reimbursement Here is the documentation. I went over to the UPS Store and 2 day UPS aired the document copies(Aug 7)

A few days later I called and was put on hold for 15 minutes. I finally talked with Jordan and she acknowledged that she received them and that I would receive reimbursement for the total cost of the repairs. (AUG 10)

After waiting a week and wondering where my refund is I called back Jordan. I was put on hold for 15 minutes and finally got a hold of her. She said that she would get with finance dept. She called back and said the finnance department said that I did a wire transfer. I said that I bought my scooter from Oneil off ebay using my discovercard on paypal. She said will that was the problem, because I through the system said you bought it using your discover card directly from us. The finance department could find your card on file. She told me that I will try this again, but the money will go through Oneil and then he gives it back to you. I said ok. Do you know how long? She said about 7-10 days. (AUG 20)

So I called Oneill. Told him my situation with Jordan. Oneill in New Jersey said he would call Jordan. Oneill called me back and said he wasn’t able to get ahold of Jordan but he did leave his name and number. And will try again tomorrow (Aug 20).

The next day Oneill from New Jersey called me and said he will try to get a hold of Jordan. Oneil called me back twice. The second time he told me that he wasn’t able to get ahold Jordan because she had already left for the day but that he would try again tomorrow. (Aug 21)

The next day Oneil called me and said that he spoke with Jordan's supervisor and that he would arrange for me to get a check for reimbursement for my scooter repairs.(Aug 22)

Later that afternoon, I called Jordan to follow up.I confirmed with her that oneil did call and that he spoke with her supervisor And That I would receive reimbursement for $303. Jordan said that a wire transfer will be sent out to Oneill and then to me. (Aug 22)

After waiting and being frustrated for over a week. I called back VIVA MOTORSPORTS and put on hold for 15 minutes. I finally got a hold of suzana and she told me that Jordan was not in yet. And I called her again later in the day at work and she said that JOrdan will not be in today, try again tomorrow. (Sept 6th 2007)

I call back after being on hold for 10 minutes and Talked with suzanna again and she told me that Jordan was not in. She looked around. I then asked was there someone else I could talk too? She said Ray is the other boss. He isn't in either. Suzanna took my name and number and she said Monday would be good . (Sept 7th 2007)

I called back on Monday, and was put on hold for 15 minutes. I Talked with a person named Mike and he says he is taking over Jordan's position for customer service. He says Jordan will not be in. Mike mentioned Jordan will be resigning her current position and that he would be taking over. I said ok. Well if she is still working there in a different department, please have me talk to her. Mike said that she is in a meeting and isn‘t available at the moment. I said fine I will call back.(sept 10 th)

A couple of days later I called Viva motorsports again and was put on hold for 10 minutes, the assistant answered and I requested to speak with Jordan. In the hope that she would still be there, and the assistant Marie said one moment let me see where she is at. Then a male voice answers the phone and says my name is Mike can I help you? I asked him is Jordan there please. He says she is busy with another customer. I ask him, well is she going to be done soon, I can be put on hold. And he says that she is getting ready to leave. I told mike look, Jordan said my scooter would be covered under warranty from the beginning and I sent her a copy of the bill from the repair shop. Am I going to get my $303? Mike replies to me. NO. That is not our Policy. YOU need to get the warranty done with the dealer. You see you didn‘t buy directly from us. We can supply parts if you had damage from shipping, but we do not reimburse for labor. I replied, well this is not what Jordan told me, please put her on the phone. And I want a copy of the warranty. Mike replied to me that Jordan already left for the afternoon and I cannot give you a copy of the warranty. In fact, my boss is telling me that he doesn‘t want me talking to you. He then handed me off to Marie. I said to Marie, mike stated his position. Thank you verry much. I was extremely angry after that. I gave Oneil a call to inform him of the situation.(Sept 12)

I called Oneil out in New Jersey, and he said that he would give them a call. Oneill called me back and was surprised to hear their response. He also told me that he was put on hold and that he also asked for Jordan. Oneil told me that he could not get a hold of Jordan. But he did talk to somebody about the warranty and that he was told that he could only reimburse for parts, not labor because anyone can charge what they want for labor. I asked, where does it say that in writing? Do you have anything in writing saying that? And Oneil replied do you have any parts that were defective?Send them to me and I will take that up with VIVA. I said to Oneil there is Voltage regulator, I can send you that. But I think the better option is to report VIVA MOTORSPORTS to the Better Bussiness Bureau.

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