Welcome to Trustlink

Apr 08, 2016 by Selden M.
Welcome to TrustLink, the site that connects consumers with the service companies they’ve employed. Originally founded by the Better Business Bureau in 2008, TrustLink provides a forum for consumers to post complaints and write reviews about service companies they’ve worked with in the past. TrustLink is the most popular rating site in southern California for home improvement and professional services as well as retail and web-based businesses. Reviews are unedited, with exceptions for profanity and privacy, to ensure that the information consumers see is genuine. Unlike other review sites and forums, businesses are unable to pay for ratings or post their own reviews that mislead consumers.

TrustLink features its “Ask the Community” web forum, where consumers can communicate with one another about problems they are having. Whether it is to warn others about potential scams or get recommendations for a home repair company in their neighborhood, Ask the Community connects real users. The open and honest discussion allows consumers to get information they are looking for so that they can make the best decisions for their situation. In addition to sharing tips on businesses to work with, forum users can recommend products, talk about news and help one another solve problems. Ask the Community allows users to put real people behind the reviews they read on TrustLink, enhancing the credibility of each review on the site.

While businesses are unable to pay for ratings or write their own reviews, they are still able to reach consumers through TrustLink’s “Hot Deals” section. Organizations may list special discounts and coupon codes for TrustLink users, which also gives consumers more information about the business before continuing. As more consumers use TrustLink to research businesses before paying for services, this provides a vital opportunity to generate leads. By seeing current Hot Deals and connecting to company pages, users can also read and post reviews that make the entire community better. Learn more about TrustLink by contacting us today!