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  • Do not do business with Elder Care Direction. My mother entered into a contract with this company and a DBA called Uncommon Perspective Group, run... Read More »
  • They came to install garage doors at our commercial business. One of the doors they installed broke pretty soon after installation, and two others... Read More »
  • They were honest about prices and had boxes and polythene bags that were easy to carry. Everything was loaded in the truck very well. All team memb... Read More »
  • A+ service and A+ results. They delivered on what was promised. Read More »
  • Needed help with a business plan. Wasn't sure about hiring consultants, but they explained everything to me and were patient throughout the whole p... Read More »
  • Our company was facing a critical crossroads, and we turned to global resources for assistance. The results have been a game changer for us. They n... Read More »
  • I can't thank the International Development Services team enough for their guidance of the last few months. They meticulously crafted a custom plan... Read More »
  • As a small business owner, I reached out to Corporate Business Solutions seeking guidance on problems stemming from some recent location acquisitio... Read More »
  • Exceptional service from Brad and his whole team from SMS. They really helped our sales team increase their lead volume and our sales without compl... Read More »
  • We approached them with a difficult business issue that needed a fresh set of eyes. They not only met our expectations but did this within our tigh... Read More »
  • Thank you so much for making our relocation a breeze. Robert provided me with a detailed and transparent estimate, and they kept me in the loop the... Read More »
  • Our recent move from would not have gone as smoothly as it did without your promptness, knowledge, flexibility, and overall exceptional assistance. Read More »
  • This guy JON is the worst of the worst STAY AWAY!!! BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! The lowest of the lowes he will try to steal from you just like... Read More »
  • Great service and professionalism. The reps were always so helpful and nice on the phone. Best decision I ever made. Read More »
  • Extraordinary attention to detail, they work quietly (a thoughtful extra considering the neighbors below!) and thoroughly. Thanks to them our plant... Read More »
  • I had a large amount of student loans discharged with their guidance and direction. They really have a lot of knowledge about student loans and kno... Read More »
  • It can be difficult for newbie sellers like myself to navigate the constantly changing landscape of Amazon marketing. To optimize my product listin... Read More »
  • Hemingway Publishers gave my book the voice it needed, and I am forever grateful for their expertise. If you're looking for top-notch ghostwriters... Read More »
  • I collaborated with Aaron and the "Book Writing Pioneer" team to bring my concepts from conception to reality. If I needed to run something by Aaro... Read More »
  • When you manually posted every item on Amazon as a new seller, it was a terrible experience when an alert appeared on the notification bar saying t... Read More »
  • I can't believe how easy this was! I recommend to anybody looking to get quick cash for their unused gold items. Read More »
  • I went in for an interview during the hiring process last summer and the entire procedure was poorly organized. I was never told which building to... Read More »
  • For new sellers like me, it can be challenging to negotiate the ever evolving world of Amazon marketing. I needed a team to help me optimize my pro... Read More »
  • "Book Writing Pioneer" provided prompt communication throughout the book production process. On my book, the layout of the content and the presenta... Read More »
  • Hemingway Publishers is a good place to publish novels since it gives readers immediate recognition. They guarantee a quick and easy publication pr... Read More »
  • Amazon PPC service from VAamazon greatly aided my marketing efforts. Their expertise in keyword targeting and bid optimization helped us achieve gr... Read More »
  • Hired these people to update our alarm system at a building in Santa Ana, CA, They were not the least expensive but thought they'd provide good ser... Read More »
  • Fell for the same "trial" product sales call. Our corporation operates as a multi location corporate entity and this scam caused me to want to take... Read More »
  • I felt powerless due to ongoing respiratory troubles until I found Ayurveda treatment at Natural Burst, LLC. The Ayurvedic method found the source... Read More »
  • I had terrible dental decay that prevented me from smiling or chewing comfortably. I can confidently declare that I am no longer experiencing oral... Read More »
  • I desperately needed relief because chronic eczema had ruined my life for years. The homeopathic treatment I received at Revesz Family Medicine was... Read More »
  • Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means that it is not controlled by any government or financial institution. This makes Bitcoin very resi... Read More »
  • Meditation Center at Bodhisattva Trading Co., Inc. has been my savior in my battle against anxiety and panic attacks. It's incredible how this prac... Read More »
  • I express my deepest gratitude for the remarkable care I received at Steven Alimaras Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Nutrition, and Wellnesst Care. S... Read More »
  • I struggled with persistent eczema for years, trying many remedies that only provided short-term relief. I found no permanent cure or comfort until... Read More »
  • I'm excited to share my transformative Massage Therapy experience at Massage Therapist Deane Juhan. I endured continual fibromyalgia discomfort up... Read More »
  • Years of back discomfort made it difficult to go about my everyday activities. I can now say goodbye to my discomfort because of the amazing physio... Read More »
  • The burden of chronic back pain had dimmed the light in my life, but the exceptional chiropractors at Chiropractor Virginia Beach helped me redisco... Read More »
  • I suffered from insomnia for a long time, affecting my mood, energy, and productivity. I tried many sleeping pills and remedies, but nothing worked... Read More »
  • Dealing with chronic digestive issues has been a constant struggle in my life. Despite trying numerous medications, I couldn't find lasting relief.... Read More »
  • Authentic Timber Windows limited is leading provider of wooden doors and windows in Ashford, London. We are capable to design both traditional and... Read More »
  • Pokemon Fusion has inspired various fan-made games and projects, including ROM hacks that allow players to catch and batt... Read More »
  • 1st Choice Lending will always be my choice for my loan needs, the staff is friendly, helpful, professional and has always made me feel like a valu... Read More »
  • I am so outraged by her "therapy" that i'm filing complaints w CA Att General for discrimination of the disabled) and CA Board of Psychology for ne... Read More »
  • A great experience was had on A few pending products are swiftly approved by my account's personnel. Happy client! Read More »
  • I cannot express my frustration enough regarding my experience with Attorney Krohn & Moss. From start to finish, it has been an absolute nightmare.... Read More »
  • CROSStrax provides the most trusted investigation case management process with its easy-to-use features that make the private investigation managem... Read More »
  • I was pleasantly surprised by their quick disconnection and reconnection of my washer and dryer. Absolutely wonderful! Read More »
  • They helped me get a considerable amount forgiven by walking me through the programs and how they work. I am extremely satisfied with the results.... Read More »
  • The staff was professional and kind, however the whole process took two days (one for loading and another for packing). I will use them and most de... Read More »
  • As a result of its immediate reader recognition, Book Writing Pioneer is a helpful website for publishing books. They make sure that the publicatio... Read More »
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